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Frequently Asked Questions

NorthEast Health & Performance - What is it?

NorthEast HP is an online training program that delivers physical fitness and training training for all individuals regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. We are here to bring out your 100% begining from day 1 to every day there after.

If I already have a an account, what do I need to do to get signed up as a subscribing member?


I've signed up, now what?!


Can you give me a sample workout so that I have an idea of what the programming looks like and if it will be a good fit for me?


Who is NorthEast Health & Performance for?

Whether your goal is to push yourself to boundries you never thought possible, goal setting, or just to live a happier healthier life on a new level, NorthEast HP is for everyone. If you’re trying to be at your 100% one hundred percent of the time. Join us. You'll look back and say, what was I waiting for all this time?