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NorthEast Health & Performance is an appointment based exercise physiology facility and online resource for exercise, lifestyle and performance. Our approach is to use exercise as medicine to help prevent chronic illness, solve movement dysfunction and reverse common metabolic problems.

As an online resource, we provide everything needed to begin exercising and living your life at your 100%. Our multiple exercise tracks, training guidance and an extensive exercise library are just some of the tools we provide, so that anyone can take back control of their lifestyle.

At our facilities, each client follows an exercise prescription or track that is designed  by one of our Exercise Physiologists or certified coaches. Our facilities provide help and guidance with the day's exercise plan or track with one of our experienced coaches. Our specialties include:


1. Helping to prevent chronic illness

2. Functional movement assessment

3. Specific exercise prescriptions


Manny Alayon

owner // Exercise Physiologist


Cameron Hudson

General manager // Exercise Physiologist


John Reda, DPT

Physical Therapist

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